Wurth Farms
est.   1908

1720 South Friendship Road
Paducah, Kentucky  42003

Monday-Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm
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Wurth Farms 2018


 LET US GROW YOUR GARDEN! SIGN UP TODAY and enjoy all the benefits of our CSA, Harvest Partner Program.  Our Harvest Partner Program experienced another successful season in 2017.  Amidst all the rains and excessive heat this summer, we were able to supply our Partners with a variety of quality, homegrown  vegetables each week.  A special thanks to all our Partners this past summer for trusting us to do a good job for them GROWING THEIR GARDENS!!!  Click on tab above for more information about the Harvest Partner Program or call 270-554-1403.



 Local, raw honey available year round. 


Please call 270-554-1403  to pick up.




Wurth Farms offers over 200 varities of annuals in the spring.

Spring Valley jams and jellies are found at our local stands. Offering numerous flavors.

Harvest Partners receive vegetables and fruits grown on our farm throughout the entire summer season.

Wurth Farms is on Facebook!  Please like our page!

Some of our offerings from last year. We hope to have a  great crop again for all of our loyal and new customers!  Come see what we have to offer.

What's going on at the greenhouse?

Transplanting is still underway here at the greenhouses.  The baskets are filling out and looking great! All plants could use more sunshine just as all of us here at the farm could stand too.  Looking forward to a beautiful spring here at the greenhouse?

What's going on at the farm?

  Although spring is here (according to the calendar) the cold temps haven't left.  Strawberries are being covered at night as the temps dipinto the upper 20's and lw 30's to protect the plants and uncovered during the day so the bees can do their job!  This is definitely a labor of love on our end as covering and uncovering the berries is a lot of work?  Calving is till going on with a few cows left to calf.  Overall calving season went well considering the rainy, muddy weather we had to deal with during calving.  Looking forward to the pastures greening up so the cows can get back to eating that green grass!.

   Gardening Tips:

  • It is best to plant trees and shrubs in the fall. It is less stressful for the plant and yourself.
  • Take care of your tomato plants by staking them and feeding them on a regular basis.
  •  Be sure to take care of roses as they bloom. Snipping back spent blooms allow the plant to flourish in our zonal area(s)


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