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  Become a Harvest Partner with Wurth Farms

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 How It Works
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              Does your family enjoy the delicious taste of fresh homegrown vegetables, but does not have time or space to grow them?  Join Wurth Farms this summer and let them supply you with freshly harvested, delicious, nutritious vegetables.

             Join us in 2018 as a "Harvest Partner" with Wurth Farms and enjoy the fruits of our labor each week during the summer for approximately 12 weeks.                                                                                Click here for 2010-2013 Reviews





You buy a Harvest Partner membership at a fixed price now.  We will provide you a weekly basket (Family or Junior size) of our produce in season starting in mid-June through August (approximately 12 weeks).  The basket will include a variety of different vegetables grown by us.  The items and quantity will be decided each week by Wurth Farms based upon the harvests of that particular week.  Your basket will be picked up once a week on Tuesday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.  




A Harvest Partner membership can also be purchased and then donated to PCM (Paducah Cooperative Ministry), a local co-operative ministry, providing food to the needy in our area.  An excellent way to support local people in need with fresh vegetables and 100% of your donation get to the people who need it. to get things started Wurth Farms is donating two Memberships.  PCM will be glad to supply you with documentation for your tax exempt charitable contribution if you so desire.  Deliveries to PCM will be made by Wurth Farms.




  • Consumers have direct contact with their food producer.
  • Consumers get an excellent value for their money.  We are positive you will be delighted with your partnership experience at the end of the growing season.
  • One of the untold benefits will be the direct connection you will have with the ups and downs of a growing season.  Being totally dependent, not on the weather in California, Florida or Mexico, but in our community to produce quality vegetables for your family.
  • In addition, you will have the first chance when surpluses of certain crops arise to purchase for your canning needs.  



2018 Harvest Partner Family Membership: $360.00
2018 Harvest Partner Junior Membership: $250.00


We will send you a Harvest Partner Membership packet which will include a Membership Certificate, Procedures and your Harvest Partner Membership card and number.  Enrollment for the 2018 season is limited so hurry and become a Harvest Partner today.  Enrollment ends May 1, 2018.  No exceptions will be made after May 1, due to planning and planting schedules.



  • No substitutions will be allowed in the Harvest Partner Basket.  Wurth Farms will decide the make-up of each basket based on quality and quantity of that week's harvest. 
  • Membership does not constitute any ownership of the farm, land, or equipment.
  • Membership does not entitle one to management decisions.
  • Wurth Farms does not require any work commitment from their Harvest Partners.
  • Each week's basket will vary in size and items included.  Naturally, early in the season the basket will be smaller than during the peak of harvest.  At the peak, your basket will be full and overflowing.
  • Some items will be frequently included and others will appear briefly throughout the season.  Of course, each year is different and some crops will do really well while others may fail.  Temperatures (hot or cold), excessive rainfall, drought, hail, and destructive winds can all cause crop failure.  The majority of the crops will be irrigated and with over 100 years of growing experience, most years will be successful.  However, nothing in life is certain.
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Being a “HARVEST PARTNER” will allow you to experience the risk
of a crop failure and the rewards of a bumper crop.

Click here for printable 2018

 Sign up sheet:  Harvest_Partner_Sign_Up_Sheet_2018.pdf
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 Vegetables Wurth Farms will be providing
                for their Harvest Partners

  • Sweet Corn (Bi-Color)
  • Cucumbers (Slicers/Pickling)
  • Eggplant (Purple/White)
  • Green Beans
  • Melons:
  • Okra
  • Peas (Purple Hull))
  • Peppers:
       Bell (Green,Orange,Yellow,Red)
       Sweet Italian
  • Squash:
       Yellow     Patty Pan        Spaghetti
  •   Zucchini   Butternut
  • Tomatoes:  
  • Cabbage
  • Turnip Greens 
  • Canary Melon
  • Honey Dew Melon
  • Potatoes


These and other seasonal vegetables will be available at our stands throughout the Paducah area.  Quantities for freezing and canning will also be availabe at various times.


**Vegetable cultivars grown by Wurth Brothers Farms will be selected for flavor and quality.  Should availability become a problem Wurth Farms reserves the right to purchase other locally grown produce that meets our standards and inform the Member of the source.


 Click here for a printable              
    Harvest Partner Sign-Up Sheet

  Harvest Partner Reviews

"This was our first experience.  We were very satisfied.

"I loved it!  Looking forward to next year."

"Liked the variety, Less eggplant."

"We were very satisfied with your end of the partnership.  Great Job!"

"The baskets always looked nice...quality of veggies was great

"Everything was great!"

"Looking forward to next year and will suggest you to friends."

"Very happy with our partnership."

"Vegetables were great quality."

"Tried vegetables I would not have bought at the store, but am glad I tried them."

"Would like more types of beans."

"Loved the recipes included with my basket each week."

  "Thanks for doing this. I am glad our community has a way to support local farmers."

"Convenient pick-up location"

"Everyone was always friendly and helpful."

"Very pleased."

"Less hot peppers!"

"You people worked hard and it was greatly appreciated!"





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